Sworn friends

close friends.

See also: Sworn

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The two boys were sworn friends all the week, and embattled enemies on Saturdays.
Eventually Joseph and Rusty accepted the situation and from sworn enemies became sworn friends.
Children, children," said Agatha, admonitorily, "do not forget that you are sworn friends.
We were to have been three sworn friends, and Gertrude and I were willing, but you wouldn't swear, and so the bargain was cried off.
The Philippines is now being given its due attention for better treatment by its sworn friends and allies in the global arena.
According to reports from the Foreign Ministry, Iran is trying to "buy" oth= er countries in the region as well, including the Marshall Islands and Micr= onesia, which are considered sworn friends of Israel and do not miss a chan= ce to vote in its favor in the UN.
Lindsey, 35, has sworn friends to secrecy over her plans - and has yet to tell her EastEnders bosses.