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(Placename) transliteration of the Ancient Greek name for Aswan


(ˈæs wɑn)

1. Ancient, Syene. a city in SE Egypt, on the Nile. 258,600.
2. a dam near this city, extending across the Nile. 6400 ft. (1950 m) long.
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In 23 BC the Kushites attacked the Roman frontier garrisons (at Philae, Syene, Elephantine), an action that ended with Roman reprisals and the 'treaty of Samos', which inter alia appears to have re-established a condominium (see also Desanges 1969:139-147).
He observed that in Syene, on the longest day of the year, columns cast no shadows when the sun was directly overhead.
The table comparing the Eratosthenes map parallel values of Alexandria, Syene (Aswan), Babylon and Meroe with parallel values of present settlements proves the differences to be minor and the measurements, conducted by Eratosthenes at that time, are sufficiently precise (see Table 1).
Is the account of the ethos of the narrator-periegetes of the Syene festivities (p.