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1. The study or interpretation of symbols or symbolism.
2. The use of symbols.

sym·bol′o·gist n.
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As Brown takes us through Langdon's travails, he poses the same question that he raised in his debut novel which introduced the symbologist character.
Pick a cultural European city - Paris, Rome, or, in the case of Origin, Spain's Bilbao and Barcelona, throw in Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, a young and beautiful female sidekick and a religious zealot who will kill to keep secrets from surfacing - and you're all set for a guilty pleasure of a page-turner.
It is this literary terra incognita that Brown's signature protagonist, the symbologist Robert Langdon, occupies.
Now an archaeologist, he travels to Kenya where strange occurrences begin to reunite him with the evil he sought to escape Angels & Demons (2009) Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) discovers the resurgence of ancient brotherhood the Illuminati and flies to Rome to warn the head of the Pope's guard (Skarsgard) Our Kind of Traitor (2016) Skarsgard plays a money launderer for Russian gangsters who asks a couple on holiday to pass evidence to MI6 agent (Damian Lewis) in this spy thriller
Symbologist Robert Langdon wakes up in an Italian hospital with no memory of how he got there.
Book publishers Doubleday will release Origin, a new Dan Brown title featuring Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, in 2017, book trade magazine Publishers Weekly revealed on Friday.
Fast-forward to the present day, and while Brown continues to trot out adventures starring symbologist Robert Langdon that sell by the truckload, the world has moved on and debunked the myth.
It's a fruitless exercise, neatly encapsulated in one throwaway scene when Hanks' plucky symbologist recites facts about Dante's epic poem Divine Comedy and 15th century Italian art from memory, and his female sidekick cuts short his academic waffle to suggest a simpler solution: "I use Google".
Symbologist Robert Langdon is called to the Vatican to help find four cardinals who were abducted and a canister containing anti-matter (2009)
00pm A scientist (Ayelet Zurer, left) helps a symbologist try to prevent a terrorist attack against the Vatican
Historian and symbologist Ashley Cowie said the fire destroyed many works, but others were saved by the Earl of Rosslyn.