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 (sĭm′əndz, sī′məndz), John Addington 1840-1893.
British writer noted for his seven-volume series The Renaissance in Italy (1875-1886).


(Biography) John Addington (ˈædɪŋtən). 1840–93, English writer, noted for his Renaissance in Italy (1875–86) and for studies of homosexuality


(ˈsɪm əndz)

John Addington, 1840–93, English poet, essayist, and critic.
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Noun1.Symonds - English writer (1840-1893)Symonds - English writer (1840-1893)    
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His boyhood had been saturated with Ruskin, and he had read all the latest books: John Addington Symonds, Vernon Lee's "Euphorion," the essays of P.
Symonds, one of the few persons who have landed here, informs me that he saw the crabs dragging even the young birds out of their nests, and devouring them.
Both Symonds and Sidgwick were working on Clough, an author of the preceding generation who brought together these concerns of scepticism, sexual mores and the establishment of a career.
Symonds (University Park, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1997.
With the diverse range of interests of the Victorian person of letters, Symonds diffused his literary energies over English literature, Greek poetry, travel sketches, translations, and studies of such literary and artistic personalities as Percy Bysshe Shelley (1878), Ben Jonson (1886), Sir Philip Sidney (1886), Michelangelo (1893), and Walt Whitman (1893), of whom he was one of the first European admirers.
Taft Symonds, who are directors of Denali, will continue to serve on the executive committee as chairman and vice chairman respectively, which is comprised of all the independent directors of the company.
OLYMPIC medallists Lord Coe and Brendan Foster will be monitoring events at Exeter today when former Nicky Henderson assistant Tom Symonds saddles his first runners since setting up his own training business, writes Rodney Masters.
Mumbai, May 8 (ANI): Sachin Tendulkar has been in the forefront to bring an end to the most bitter feud in world cricket, and make Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh bury their hatchet, as Mumbai Indians surge to the top of the Indian Premier League.
All-rounder Andrew Symonds was still considering his playing future when he arrived home after being kicked off the Australia team at the Twenty20 World Cup in England.
ANDREW SYMONDS has been ruled out of the upcoming tour of South Africa after Cricket Australia advised the National Selection Panel that the all-rounder needed further rehabilitation and counselling.
The defiant Scots chef had the pop at Sarah Symonds as he appeared at the BBC Good Food Show yesterday.
CRICKET: Andrew Symonds struck a half-century to give Australia the chance of a decent first-innings total as rain hit the first day of the Third Test against the West Indies in Bridgetown.