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n. pl. syn·ap·o·mor·phies
An evolved character or trait that is shared by two or more taxonomic groups and is considered to have originated in their common ancestor. Hair is synapomorphic for marsupials, primates, and all other taxa that are grouped together in the class Mammalia.

syn·ap′o·mor′phic adj.
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As related to the hyobranchial skeleton, the the basihyal cartilage was not found in any Urotrygon species, which is considered as a synapomorphy.
2014), coupled to the difficulty in the morphological identification of fish parasites which are frequently microscopically sized and characterized by a simple morphology, hindering the obtaining of synapomorphy for phylogenetic reconstructions (Luton et al.
A marked anterior displacement of the neural arch in anterior and middle caudals is considered a synapomorphy of Titanosauriformes (Salgado et al.
This was considered a putative synapomorphy and was recognized as the main character to delimitate species, together with characters of male genitalia.
The manus is distinctly smaller than the pes, however, and this appears to be a synapomorphy for Diapsida.
Papp stated that 'broad, setose fronto-orbital plates' were 'a strong synapomorphy of the tribe'; we are not entirely sure of his meaning here, but Proteaphila does not have conspicuously broad or setulose fronto-orbital plates.
The sperm duct gland: a visceral synapomorphy for gobioid fishes.
2005) proposed that distinctive donut-like trichome base scars that often encompass more than one epidermal cell represented a synapomorphy linking Platanaceae and Proteaceae.
This character may still stand as a synapomorphy shared between Ceratophryidae and Beelzebufo species; however, present analysis indicates that it may be better considered as a homoplasy.