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He completed a PhD in philology at the University of Barcelona in 1977, directed the magazines Literradura and Syntaxis, and is currently professor of Spanish literature at the University of La Laguna.
A topos" means a place (topos) that does not exist: "If the modern, and the postmodern itself by way of a utopic syntaxis, and the postmodern expresses itself by means of a dystopic parataxis [these are some of the well-known modern and postmodern positions in both theories] the metamodern, it appears exposes itself through a-topic metaxis" (Vermeulen, Akker 2010: 12).
Dr Martin Flower from University of Illinois gave presentation on 'Plate Collision End-games: A Possible Role for Collision-Induced Mantle Extrusion' and said his current work focuses on ophiolites in the complex NW India-Asia syntaxis where a collage of accreted micro-continents is associated with a complex sequence of neo-Tethyan basin closure, in many cases post-dating those associated with the 'hard' of India.