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Johann Spangenberg, Grammaticae latinae partes, Orthographia, Prosodia, Etymologica & Syntaxis.
The sedimentary to low grade metamorphic rocks units is twisted and folded to form Hazara Kashmir Syntaxis (HKS) (Calkins et al.
QTP's eastern margin refers mainly to the region between the East Himalayan syntaxis and West Qinling orogenic belt (Fig.
The company in the sector of light industry-Recapitalisation and expansion) Syntaxis * BIK Brokers--Financial services (2013, mezzanine/equity mix, it takes) * Home.
He completed a PhD in philology at the University of Barcelona in 1977, directed the magazines Literradura and Syntaxis, and is currently professor of Spanish literature at the University of La Laguna.
The Hti Lin area lies within the eastern margin of the Indo-Burman Ranges in western Myanmar that extend from the eastern Himalayan syntaxis southward along the eastern side of the Bay of Bengal to the Andaman Sea (Bannert et al.
6 February 2014 - Syntaxis Capital, an investment firm in central Europe, has taken an interest in Polish motor insurance broker BIK Brokers, partner Przemek Szczepanski was cited by Reuters as saying on Thursday.
The operator Describe Classification Rules has a similar syntaxis of Describe Association Rules:
A topos" means a place (topos) that does not exist: "If the modern, and the postmodern itself by way of a utopic syntaxis, and the postmodern expresses itself by means of a dystopic parataxis [these are some of the well-known modern and postmodern positions in both theories] the metamodern, it appears exposes itself through a-topic metaxis" (Vermeulen, Akker 2010: 12).
The Hazara Mountains, a NE- SW trending crescent shaped trough, forms the western border of the Hazara Kashmir Syntaxis.