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popular music played with synthesizers.
[1980–85; synth(esizer) + pop2]
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Plus support from Aberdare's '80s synth pop band The Spectrums (pictured).
completed by American Dream, by rock band LCD Soundsystem, The Punishment Of Luxury by synth pop group OMD and last week's number one Villains by Queens Of The Stone Age.
The show at Newcastle's Tyne Theatre on November 4 is part of Marc's extensive UK tour, and cements the 60th birthday year for the synth pop pioneer, following his Top 10 album Hits and Pieces earlier this year, and sold out spring tour.
His influence helped establish synth pop on both sides of the Atlantic, especially his native England, where he was a genuine pop star and consistent hitmaker.
So on Cool Kids, probably the band's biggest hit and certainly the one you're most likely to have heard (think it's on an ad for something) there are nods to synth pop, early indie and perhaps The Police.
So, who better to catch up with as brilliant three-disc compilation Synth Pop sets our summer stereos ablaze?
A number of his songs appear on Synth Pop, a new three-CD compilation of the genre's classics.
Stockholm police released a statement on Twitter recalling: "Nightclub guest thought the drinks were bad and there was too little synth pop.
In a sea of youthful synth pop, she was a veteran beacon of hope.
Liner notes: This loopy Norwegian quartet brings a playful tinge to synth pop, crafting delectable fun from analog blips, chunky beats, and Ketil Kinden Endresen's dreamy voice.