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Noun1.synthetic fiber - fiber created from natural materials or by chemical processessynthetic fiber - fiber created from natural materials or by chemical processes
fiber, fibre - a slender and greatly elongated substance capable of being spun into yarn
acrylic, acrylic fiber - polymerized from acrylonitrile
nylon - a thermoplastic polyamide; a family of strong resilient synthetic fibers
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The increase in import, according to his data, is ensured by an increase in imports of synthetic fabrics, tableware and cookware, confectionery, vehicles, communications equipment, medicines, petroleum products, chocolate and other products.
The increase in imports is connected to increase in import of synthetic fabrics by 6 times, fabrics of artificial threads by 3.
Almost any material, including natural or synthetic fabrics, rubber and plastics, can be measured with precision and ease, according to the company.
The Mechanical Stretch wicks away sweat like synthetic fabrics while offering the breathability and comfort of cotton.
This machine is ideal for the soft touch and softening of fabrics in particular for unshrinkability of knitted and synthetic fabrics.
Seshadri Ramkumar's group in the Nonwovens & Advanced Materials Laboratory and colleagues in the Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Mechanical Engineering at Texas Tech University collaborated with Enercon to explore environmentally friendly ways to enhance the breathability of nonwoven synthetic fabrics.
Bordeaux's environmentally friendly dye digital ink is designed to achieve better performance both for direct and sublimation printing on polyester fabrics or mixed synthetic fabrics (minimum 60% of sviithetic fibers).
She discusses the history of cloth and dress up to the present, including handmade fabrics; woven, dyed, painted, and printed cloth; and embroidery; and their place in culture and trade, the change in consumption over the past 50 years, including the rise of synthetic fabrics and readymade clothes, and the impact on craft production.
1m) long-term bank facilities of Indian synthetic fabrics maker Gentleman Suitings Pvt Ltd.
The research also found that men tend to be more sensitive than women to synthetic fabrics.
However, China's output of ethylene, a basic building block for petrochemical products ranging from plastics to paints and synthetic fabrics, has long fallen short of demand that was fuelled by its booming economy.
Most brands of this high-performance apparel contain a blend of spandex, polyester, Lycra and other synthetic fabrics, and detergents are often unable to remove the odors and bacteria, leaving them stuck in the nooks and crannies of the material.

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