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 (lăl′ən) also Lal·lans (-ənz)
n. Scots
1. The Lowlands of Scotland.
2. Scots as spoken in southern and eastern Scotland.

[Scots, alteration of lowland.]

Lal′lan adj.


(ˈlælənz) or


1. (Languages) a literary version of the variety of English spoken and written in the Lowlands of Scotland
2. (Placename) (modifier) of or relating to the Lowlands of Scotland or their dialects
3. (Languages) (modifier) of or relating to the Lowlands of Scotland or their dialects
[Scottish variant of Lowlands]


(ˈlæl ənz)
1. the Lowlands of Scotland.
2. (used with a sing. v.)
a. Scots.
b. a form of literary Scots used in the 20th century.
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Noun1.Lallans - a dialect of English spoken in the Lowlands of Scotland
Scots, Scots English, Scottish - the dialect of English used in Scotland
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This is more than simply ambivalence, I think; against a backdrop of "reconditioning," in which Scotland's "linguistic habitus" was cleaned up, MacDiarmid's deliberate use of Scotticisms--his practice of raiding John Jameison's Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language (1808)--illustrates decisively a double break between standard English and Scots and between Scots Gaelic and Synthetic Scots.
Yeats's re-Anglicizing with a difference, MacDiarmid's verse experiments in Synthetic Scots or Moore's citational poetics--what are these if they are not scriptist appropriations of orature?
As for the literary output of native speakers of Scots, Tulloch demonstrates how two Australian expats managed to accomplish feats unequalled and unthinkable in coeval Scotland, such as wholly Scots narratives as exemplified in John Service's novels, and the forging of an ante-litteram synthetic Scots to match the register formality required by the translation of Imitation of Christ, which H.