Syrian pound

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Noun1.Syrian pound - the basic unit of money in Syria; equal to 100 piasters
piaster, piastre - a fractional monetary unit in Egypt and Lebanon and Sudan and Syria
Syrian monetary unit - monetary unit in Syria
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Governor of the Central Bank of Syria (CBS) Dureid Dirgham told journalists in statement following the meeting that the economy situation today is more comfortable and can be described as strong, adding that the drop in the price of USD against the Syrian pound exchange rate is a message to the whole world that Syria is in a good situation.
As of March 2014, Goznak arranged to ship Syrian pound banknotes from Russia to the central bank of Syria.
From June 1 onwards in Turkey, $100 is worth 16,900 Syrian pound (prior to the war in Syria, $100 dollars was worth 5,000 Syrian pounds), and 1,000 Syrian pounds are equal to TL 12.
AFP -- The severely weakened Syrian pound has surged against the dollar in recent days, a trader said Tuesday, with experts pointing to central bank intervention and developments favourable to the regime.
People are looking at higher inflation and the Syrian pound will be losing its value.
They also decided to issue certificate of deposit (CD) with incentive interest Rates and in Syrian Pounds.
Damascus: As Syrians continue fleeing the brutal six-year conflict, Damascus has seen a massive boom in plastic surgery tourism as the devaluation of the Syrian pound has made the destination extremely popular for those who want to save money on expensive surgeries.
Summary: The United States blacklisted Lebanese company DK Group for arranging to ship Syrian pound banknotes from Russia to the Syrian central bank, an allegation strongly denied by the company's general manager.
It has also destroyed the economy, causing soaring inflation and driving down the value of the Syrian pound.
He added that the move comes as part of the CBS's intervention in the market to keep the price of the Syrian pound stable.
The Syrian pound has weakened to a record this year amid the conflict, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
A vigorous government's intervention revived the Syrian pound, which lost 50 percent of its value against U.