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Noun1.tee hinge - a hinge that looks like the letter T when it is opened; similar to a strap hinge except that one strap has been replaced by half of a butt hinge that can be mortised flush into the stationary frame
flexible joint, hinge - a joint that holds two parts together so that one can swing relative to the other
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The luminaires are easily installed using existing T-bar recessed 2-ft by 2-ft module light fixtures, and are constructed with a 22-gauge, cold-rolled steel housing with baked white-polyester finish, and a clear prismatic acrylic lens in a 20ga steel frame with T-hinge and positive spring-loaded latch.
You'll need to alter the factory T-hinge for the inset design of the doors.
light T-hinge, attaching the leaf so it's behind the 1x3 when mounted on the drill press column.