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Noun1.TCE - a heavy colorless highly toxic liquid used as a solvent to clean electronic components and for dry cleaning and as a fumigant; causes cancer and liver and lung damage
ethene, ethylene - a flammable colorless gaseous alkene; obtained from petroleum and natural gas and used in manufacturing many other chemicals; sometimes used as an anesthetic
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In these documents TCE having been classified as an R45 risk phrase solvent (may cause Cancer) and carcinogenic CAT 2 re classification also meant that every user should seek an alternative to TCE be found in the "shortest possible time".
TCE Consulting Engineers Limited (TCE), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Limited, the apex company of the Tata Group is an ISO 9001-2000 certified organisation.
TCE will also use its engineering expertise to find practical applications for novel nanotechnologies.
Most SDHS were comfortable providing TCE to both smokers (92%) and spit tobacco users (93%); however, 26% reported that they were not comfortable providing quit messages to patients unwilling to quit.
Se realizo un estudio de cohorte de los pacientes que ingresaron con TCE al servicio de urgencias del HUV, Cali, Colombia, entre julio de 2003 y junio de 2004, con los siguientes criterios de inclusion:
2, the TCE is supposed to deliver the torque of a 1.
En terminos globales, podemos decir que el 80% de los TCE son leves; el 10%, moderados, y el 10%, graves, y de estos, respectivamente, el 10%, el 65% y el 99% desarrollan alguna tipo de alteracion neurologica o psiquiatrica si han sobrevivido al evento.
To treat the tainted groundwater, engineers often pump hydrogen-yielding substances such as sodium lactate into the ground, where they react with TCE by removing its chlorine atoms.
Environmental Protection Agency's recent assessment of the chemical pinpointed its toxic nature and the National Academy of Sciences is expected to issue a report that will shape government policy regarding TCE this summer, but it is unclear if the academy's assessment will mirror that of the EPA and other groups calling the chemical toxic.
Taxpayers wishing to take advantage of this free assistance need to first visit a VITA or TCE site.
The microorganisms produce hydrogen atoms that will replace the chlorine atoms of the TCE molecules, rendering them harmless.
One aspect that heavily influenced the decision was the expert testimony that the plaintiffs suffered injury on a molecular and cellular level from the very first moment they drank the TCE contaminated water.