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Th 1

The symbol for thorium.

Th 2

1. Bible Thessalonians
2. Thursday


the internet domain name for
(Computer Science) Thailand


the chemical symbol for
(Elements & Compounds) thorium


Chem. Symbol.


a suffix forming nouns of action (birth) or abstract nouns denoting quality or condition (depth; length; warmth).
[Middle English -th(e), Old English -thu, -tho, -th (variant -t after a velar, f, or s), c. Gothic -itha, Latin -tus, Greek -tos]


a suffix used in the formation of ordinal numbers: fourth; tenth.
[Middle English -the, -te, Old English -tha, -the (variant -ta after f or s), c. Old Norse -thi, -di, Latin -tus, Greek -tos; compare -eth2]


var. of -eth1: doth.




The symbol for thorium.
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Noun1.Th - the fifth day of the weekTh - the fifth day of the week; the fourth working day
weekday - any day except Sunday (and sometimes except Saturday)
2.Th - a soft silvery-white tetravalent radioactive metallic elementTh - a soft silvery-white tetravalent radioactive metallic element; isotope 232 is used as a power source in nuclear reactors; occurs in thorite and in monazite sands
metal, metallic element - any of several chemical elements that are usually shiny solids that conduct heat or electricity and can be formed into sheets etc.
radiothorium, thorium-228 - radioactive isotope of thorium with mass number 228
monazite - a reddish-brown mineral containing rare earth metals; an important source of thorium and cerium
thorite - a radioactive mineral consisting of thorium silicate; it is a source of thorium that is found in coarse granite
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OBJECTIVES: We introduce definitions of THS and THS exposure and review recent findings about constituents, indoor sorption--desorption dynamics, and transformations of THS; distribution and persistence of THS in residential settings; implications for pathways of exposure; potential clinical significance and health effects; and behavioral and policy issues that affect and are affected by THS.