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Our vision for the TOB cable was to create a cable that uses all the best of today's technology and works with all your gadgets and has the capabilities to evolve with the future advances.
Their experiments revealed that when TOB associates with Orb2A - which is known to occur in response to an incoming nerve signal-this triggers the addition of chemical tags known as phosphates to both of the proteins, altering both proteins' stability.
The timing and amount for such redemptions and refinancing of the ARPS could occur within approximately a12-month period, but will be determined by the availability of acceptable terms on the TOBs, market, regulatory and other factors, and Fund management is not certain when, or if, such amount will be redeemed and refinanced.
The TOB segmentation replicates the overall industry according to company size as well as a representative mix of local, regional and national manufacturers," said Dick Titus, KCMA executive vice president.
The combination assays were performed in a Bioscreen honeycomb 100-well plates containing appropriate media with test compounds represented by TOB serially diluted on the x axis, ranging from 0 to 4 x MIC, and increasing concentrations of TTO ranging from 0 to 4 x MIC on the y axis.
TOB advises the use of grossly disordered and unhealthy sexual behaviour as a form of stimulation for married couples.
The TOB measurement was used during the pretest, posttest, and 2-week post training as a means to evaluate improvement of balance during a single leg stance test on the BOSU.
Oji then made the merger proposal public the same day, before announcing the TOB plan Aug.
His treatment will also appear uncritical, in the sense that this text is not meant to be a scholarly reflection on the TOB.
According to the lawsuit, Citigroup, through Terra, marketed and sold to the municipalities over $115 million in notes linked to the TOB fund in May and June 2007.
Therefore, please be advised that the Company will NOT acquire the TECMO Shares through the TOB as planned in the Proposal in case that the Company receives no response from TECMO or fails to obtain consent by the board of directors of TECMO to the TOB, by the date.
5 million yen through insider trading related to the TOB.