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n.1.A fish spear.
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The DG TREN director also reacted vigorously to Amendment 67 by Herbert Reul (EPP-ED, Germany) and Dragos Florin David (EPP-ED, Romania) that seeks to empower a coordination group to make a decision on whether or not there has been a disruption of oil supplies (thus triggering release of stocks).
For its part, NEK issued a statement noting that it had gained a "positive opinion" from DG TREN on its November 2006 agreement with Gazprom's Atomstroyexport (under Article 105 of the Euratom Treaty).
DG TREN is keen to launch a debate on objectives beyond 2010: if biofuels are to be promoted, what form should these incentives take and what should be the deadlines?
DG TREN has given some indication of its stand on liquefied natural gas (LNG).
Regarding this last dossier, it will be interesting to observe the Commission's attitude following the departure of Francois Lamoureux from the DG TREN helm: Mr Lamoureux was Russian Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko's sole go-between in the Euro-Russian Energy Dialogue.
Prior to this reshuffle, DG TREN had two deputy DGs.
DG TREN has earmarked euro 400,000 for this project.
DG TREN uses on-the-spot inspections, but "if any shortcoming is found, strict on-site inspection by the Commission would be mandatory".
They are: Catherine Day, Director-General at DG Environment; Bernard Petit, Director in charge of Development Policy and Sectoral Issues, DG Development; Philippe Taverne, Director in charge of the Central Financial Service, DG Budget; Dominique Ristori, Director in charge of General Affairs and Resources, DG Energy and Transport (TREN); and Gunther Hanreich, Director in charge of New Energies and Demand Management, DG TREN.
DG TREN adds that Member States should also ensure that information provided by suppliers is reliable.
All measures to promote renewables, cogeneration and energy efficiency will at best reduce EU dependence on imported energy by 2%, according to DG TREN.