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Noun1.TV channel - a television station and its programsTV channel - a television station and its programs; "a satellite TV channel"; "surfing through the channels"; "they offer more than one hundred channels"
television station, TV station - station for the production and transmission of television broadcasts
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They said that the private TV channel wanted to worsen the situation.
Reporters stated in their answers that, when footage of Full Court Reference (FCR) was being telecasted on a private TV Channel, administration of their channels also asked them that why they have not arranged the footage.
In Western TV channels including BBC, CNN and others channels, two senior media persons confirm the news sent by their TV channel report and then put it on.
21 -- President Maithripala Sirisena as Minister of National Integration and Reconciliation initiated a special budget proposal in 2017 to establish a special dedicated reconciliation TV Channel.
Any violation of National Action Plan or PEMRA Code of Conduct by any TV channel would be dealt with strictly.