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Noun1.TV program - a program broadcast by televisionTV program - a program broadcast by television  
broadcast, program, programme - a radio or television show; "did you see his program last night?"
colorcast, colourcast - a television program that is broadcast in color
pilot film, pilot program, pilot - a program exemplifying a contemplated series; intended to attract sponsors
sitcom, situation comedy - a humorous television program based on situations that could arise in everyday life
special - a television production that features a particular person or work or topic; "the last of a series of BBC specials on Iran is being shown tonight"
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Satisfaction with TV Program Viewing Experience by Platform & Method (Q2/12)
s email campaign mobilizing utility and nuclear power plant employees apparently worked in drawing more e-mail opinions supporting the restart of reactors than those against in a TV program aired in late June, utility sources said Wednesday.
This endeavor to enable a TV program immediately after it has finished airing to be streamed and viewed on a PC or mobile phone at any time has been made possible through us owning the show's copyright and by obtaining the consent of the cast and affiliated production company," comments Hiroki Akutagawa, president of Pride One Entertainment, the program's general producer.
The TV program makes tremendous sense - we need to pursue avenues to ensure that parent involvement happens for all different groups in Glendale,'' Lavadenz said.
next month will ship its first VCR equipped with the StarSight interactive on-screen TV program guide.
First of a kind Smart TV app offers convenience for viewers while empowering TV programmers with an intelligent, easy-to-implement, cloud-based solution that further enhances TV program promotion
Once connected to a TV source, Broadway can tune to a TV program and then either stream the live TV program to an iPad or iPhone, or, with the new feature, record the TV program to a locally attached storage device and then stream the recording at a later time.
According to the government plan, terrestrial digital broadcasting is due to start in three major cities -- Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya -- in December 2003, and every TV program in Japan will be digitalized by 2011.
Consider recent news items: Emilio Estefan plans to produce a Latin-themed, English-language TV program for Universal Television Group.
With this on-screen guide provided by AaaHaa and their remote control, viewers can easily and quickly search TV program by title, genre, or by entering key words such as host, actor, or director.
As a Forum member, PeerApp is positioned to collaborate on technology that enhances the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) ability to compete for movie and TV program distribution.
During a scheduled broadcast of Wingshooting USA TV program on Men's Outdoors & Recreation, viewers select a "trigger," or on-screen prompt, that takes them to an informative three-quarter-screen i-Ad or web-like environment on their TV while the Wingshooting program continues uninterrupted in a one-quarter screen;