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Noun1.TV reporter - someone who reports news stories via televisionTV reporter - someone who reports news stories via television
anchorman, anchorperson, anchor - a television reporter who coordinates a broadcast to which several correspondents contribute
newsman, newsperson, reporter - a person who investigates and reports or edits news stories
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Diwaniyah / NINA /A bomb exploded near the house of al-Hurra TV reporter.
Hoolahan has not played for Norwich since New Year's Day and 10 days ago told a TV reporter the club was a 'f***ing s***hole'.
On January 11, Samaa TV reporter Saifur Rehman and cameraman Imran Shaikh died while covering a bomb blast on Alamdar Road in Quetta, when a second bomb exploded.
McNamara (above) snapped at a TV reporter when new allegations were put to him:" Absolutely not, you people are just making things up to try to disrupt my squad.
Wellington, July 25 ( ANI ): A local Michigan TV reporter unknowingly drew a shape resembling a large penis, to illustrate the traffic situation in a live newscast.
Hossein Morterza, an Al-Alam TV network reporter, and Mohammad Ali, a Press TV reporter as well as two Press TV cameramen are the four journalists who have been threatened to death by the Syrian terrorists.
The Al Arabiya TV reporter and his two-man film crew who were reported missing in June are still in the Philippines and allegedly moving freely, a senior police officer has said.
One brave TV reporter responded and Romanov boxed him until the players appeared for the press conference.
BIRTHDAYS: Zandra Rhodes, fashion designer, 71; Kate Adie, TV reporter, 66; Jeremy Irons (pictured), actor, 63; Twiggy (Lesley Hornby), model/actress, 62.
What was Jennie Bond's speciality as a BBC TV reporter until 2003?
After the match, a TV reporter asked Christensen if he would stay in his job and the coach responded by telling the reporter that he can't be expected to answer his "stupid questions".
Since the earthquake struck last March 11, Bloomberg Television's team of over 12 reporters and producers have been dispatched around the country, with Tokyo-based TV reporter Mike Firn reporting from Chiba--home of Japan's oil refineries and oil port--as well as near Fukushima nuclear plant.