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Noun1.TV star - a star in a television showTV star - a star in a television show    
principal, star, lead - an actor who plays a principal role
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FORMER Olympic champion and reality TV star Bruce Jenner is being sued by the stepchildren of a woman killed in a car crash he was involved in.
it came as Poundland sales smashed the PS1billion mark for the first time, helped by a hit cookware range from TV star Jane asher, right.
KIM Kardashian lookalike Milana Aslani believes that resembling the reality TV star killed her career.
Only half of young Britons respect their parents more than their favourite reality TV star
Det Sgt Gary Pankhurst said police trawled newspaper archives and records but did not find evidence TV star Harris, 84, was there when the alleged attack took place.
But, since launching her modelling show The Face a few years back, she does qualify as a TV star these days.
The TV star and her brother were both born with a rare cancer of the retina.
REALITY TV star Joey Essex will swap Essex for Kidderminster when he joins bingo players in the town next month.
Summary: Rapper Professor Green and Reality TV star Millie Mackintosh were on the red carpet for the 2012 BAFTA Awards.
The TV star and designer, 25, has stopped drinking alcohol and pals believe she will have a sister or brother for son Kai around May next year.
But, considering that Palin's a TV star (or a quasi-TV star, to be more accurate) it does make the census takers wonder how many were there as actual tea partiers and how many were there to see the former star of "Sarah Palin's Alaska," the defunct TLC reality show.
The realty TV star will be joined by 2009 housemate Marcus Akin in Zombies from Ireland, currently being filmed in Anglesey.