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also ta·bour  (tā′bər)
A small drum, traditionally played with one hand while playing a pipe with the other.

[ Middle English tabour, from Old French, variant of tambour; see tambour.]


(ˈteɪbə) or


(Instruments) music a small drum used esp in the Middle Ages, struck with one hand while the other held a three-holed pipe. See pipe17
[C13: from Old French tabour, perhaps from Persian tabīr]
ˈtaborer, ˈtabourer n


(Placename) Mount Tabor a mountain in N Israel, near Nazareth: traditionally regarded as the mountain where the Transfiguration took place. Height: 588 m (1929 ft)


or ta•bour

(ˈteɪ bər)

a small drum used to accompany oneself on a pipe or fife.
[1250–1300; Middle English < Old French]
ta′bor•er, n.


(ˈteɪ bər)

n. Mount,
a mountain in N Israel. 1929 ft. (588 m).
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Noun1.tabor - a small drum with one head of soft calfskintabor - a small drum with one head of soft calfskin
drum, membranophone, tympan - a musical percussion instrument; usually consists of a hollow cylinder with a membrane stretched across each end
References in classic literature ?
Barak came down from Mount Tabor, twenty or twenty-five miles from here, and gave battle to Jabin's forces, who were in command of Sisera.
The air resounds with the pipe and tabor, and the drums and trumpets of the showmen shouting at the doors of their caravans, over which tremendous pictures of the wonders to be seen within hang temptingly; while through all rises the shrill "root-too-too-too" of Mr.
They heard, too, the pleasant mingled notes of a variety of instruments, flutes, drums, psalteries, pipes, tabors, and timbrels, and as they drew near they perceived that the trees of a leafy arcade that had been constructed at the entrance of the town were filled with lights unaffected by the wind, for the breeze at the time was so gentle that it had not power to stir the leaves on the trees.
The one thing about being the special-teams coordinator is understanding the (entire) roster," said Tabor, who was an assistant special-teams coach for the Bears under Dave Toub from 2008-10.
Mr Tabor who founded Global Radio in 2007, will have paid a further PS13.
fishermen from Bato rescued Tabor, two hours after Tabuzo reported him missing at around 6:30 a.
Funeral service at Tabor Chapel, Llanwrda on Monday Sept 26 at 11.
Tabor reconstructs the Christian story from the Epistles of Paul and other ancient sources to give us a deeper understanding of the rise of Hellenistic Christianity as it separated itself from the narrower and less thoroughly thought-out religion of Peter and James.
Instead, the salutary view of TABOR stumbles on two serious problems.
Tabor has claimed that McK inney threw the rock, and that Tabor didn't know it had happened until afterward.
Tabor spent his senior year putting together a business plan, not knowing--and it's just as well--that few people thought he could achieve his dream of opening a coffee shop in Conway.
Tabor said that based on their reports, many young children age 16 and below are involved in various crimes, where some are used as drug couriers.