passion flower

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or passion flower  (păsh′ən-flou′ər)
Any of various chiefly tropical tendril-bearing vines of the genus Passiflora, having large showy flowers with a fringelike crown and a conspicuous stalk bearing the stamens and pistil.

[So called because various parts were thought to recall the Passion—the filamentous corona being likened to the crown of thorns, the five anthers to the five wounds inflicted on Jesus, and the three bulbous stigmata of the pistils to the three nails used in the Crucifixion, for example .]
fleur de la passion

passion flower

n (bot) pasiflora, pasionaria
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Vivid orchids and wonderful colored lichens smoldered upon the swarthy tree-trunks and where a wandering shaft of light fell full upon the golden allamanda, the scarlet star-clusters of the tacsonia, or the rich deep blue of ipomaea, the effect was as a dream of fairyland.
1999) en especies de los subgeneros Passifiora, Tacsonia, Decaloba y Distephana.
AFLP analysis for the study of genetic relationships among cultivated Passiflora species of the subgenera Passiflora and Tacsonia.
En el presente estudio se considera la taxonomia propuesta por Feuillet y McDougal (2003), en esta, el subgenero Tacsonia (segun Killip, 1938), esta planteado como superseccion del subgenero Passiflora.
En el genero Passiflora se han iniciado trabajos de caracterizacion morfologica, esencialmente sobre especies del subgenero Passiflora y superseccion Tacsonia (taxonomia segun Feuillet y McDougal, 2003).
Mapping the distribution and regions climatically suitable for four species in Passiflora subgenus Tacsonia (Passifloraceae) and P.