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 (tā′gəs) also Ta·jo (tä′hō)
A river of the Iberian Peninsula rising in east-central Spain and flowing generally westward about 1005 km (625 mi) through central Portugal to the Atlantic Ocean.


(Placename) a river in SW Europe, rising in E central Spain and flowing west to the border with Portugal, then southwest to the Atlantic at Lisbon: the longest river of the Iberian Peninsula. Length: 1007 km (626 miles). Portuguese name: Tejo Spanish name: Tajo


(ˈteɪ gəs)

a river in SW Europe, flowing W through central Spain and Portugal to the Atlantic at Lisbon. 566 mi. (910 km) long.
Spanish, Tajo. Portuguese, Tejo.
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Noun1.Tagus - a European riverTagus - a European river; flows into the North Atlantic
Portugal, Portuguese Republic - a republic in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; Portuguese explorers and colonists in the 15th and 16th centuries created a vast overseas empire (including Brazil)
Espana, Kingdom of Spain, Spain - a parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power


[ˈteɪgəs] NTajo m
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No echoes of that discord shall be heard Where Father Tagus rolls, or on the banks Of olive-bordered Betis; to the rocks Or in deep caverns shall my plaint be told, And by a lifeless tongue in living words; Or in dark valleys or on lonely shores, Where neither foot of man nor sunbeam falls; Or in among the poison-breathing swarms Of monsters nourished by the sluggish Nile.
They had dropped anchor in the mouth of the Tagus, and instead of cleaving new waves perpetually, the same waves kept returning and washing against the sides of the ship.
Malo; but being forced into Lisbon by bad weather, the ship received some damage by running aground in the mouth of the river Tagus, and was obliged to unload her cargo there; but finding a Portuguese ship there bound for the Madeiras, and ready to sail, and supposing he should meet with a ship there bound to Martinico, he went on board, in order to sail to the Madeiras; but the master of the Portuguese ship being but an indifferent mariner, had been out of his reckoning, and they drove to Fayal; where, however, he happened to find a very good market for his cargo, which was corn, and therefore resolved not to go to the Madeiras, but to load salt at the Isle of May, and to go away to Newfoundland.
We also visited the Belem Tower which sits on the bank of the River Tagus, where loads of people queued to have a look inside, we would have been there hours so gave it a miss.
Tagus Creek Syrah |Trincadeira 2013, Portugal (PS4.
Lisbon In May last year, the Three Queens met once again, this time on the River Tagus, at Lisbon.
m, skimming along the clear waters of the Tagus estuary is the perfect way to take in the beauty of the Estoril coast and learn about a fascinating area steeped in history, where ancient ruins abound.
From casual cookouts to gourmet get-togethers, richly fruited red wines are a natural bedfellow with barbecued meats and a wine such as Tagus Creek Shiraz-Trincadeira 2012, Portugal (PS4.
Tagus Creek is a familiar Portuguese brand selling in Tesco, Asda, Waitrose among others.
Racing took place in the waters between the Praca do Comercio and the iconic Lisbon suspension bridge in about 15 knots, flat seas, and in front of crowds of spectators along the Tagus River, who were captivated by the action.
The programme includes meetings at Spanish Guadiana River and Portuguese Tagus River Basin District Administrations, Geo-Systems Research Centre of Technical University of Lisbon, field visits to irrigation systems, water supply and management facilities, etc.
Located at the highest point of the city, you practically look out over the whole of downtown Lisbon, the Tagus and the iconic Ponte 25 de Abril.