tai chi chuan

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tai chi

 (tī′ chē′, jē′) or tai chi chuan (chwän′)
A Chinese martial art whose system of physical exercises is often practiced as a way of meditating or improving well-being.

[From Mandarin tài jí quán (formerly romanized t'ai chi ch'üan) : tài jí, great ultimate (a concept in Chinese cosmology) (from Middle Chinese thaj` kɦiə̆k : thaj`, very great, greatest + kɦiə̆k, ridge-pole, pole, extremity) + quán, boxing (from Middle Chinese kɦyan, fist).]

t'ai chi ch'uan

or tai chi chuan

(ˈtaɪ ˈdʒi ˈtʃwɑn, ˈtʃi)
a Chinese system of meditative exercises, characterized by methodically slow circular and stretching movements.
Also called t'ai′ chi′, tai′ chi′.
[1960–65; < Chinese tàijí quán literally, fist of the Great Absolute]
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Noun1.tai chi chuan - a Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation and balance and healthtai chi chuan - a Chinese system of slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation and balance and health
martial art - any of several Oriental arts of weaponless self-defense; usually practiced as a sport; "he had a black belt in the martial arts"
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Some training forms of taijiquan are especially known for being practiced with relatively slow movements.
Tai chi expert Michael Vasquez will provide a free public lecture on taijiquan (tai chi) and qigong.
Agatha Wong added to the haul when she ruled wushu women's taijiquan at KLCC right under the famous Petronas Twin Towers.
Effect of Pilates and taijiquan training on self-efficacy, sleep quality, mood, and physical performance of college students.
The effect of Taijiquan Exercise on cognitive function in the elderly with mild cognitive impairment].
For this reason, practising Taijiquan increases vitality and concentration, improves the immunologic system protecting the body against perverse agents that disturb the Qi: Wind, Heat, Cold, dampness and dryness".
Beginning taijiquan [tai chi] enthusiasts must approach the practice of taijiquan as something more than an aerobic exercise," the text asserts.
Drawing first blood was Agatha Khrystenzen Wong of Quezon City with a silver medal in the compulsory taijiquan, at the heel of her 42 forms taijiquan gold and 42 forms taijijian bronze in the 8th Asian Juniors Wushu Championship 2015.
Often shortened to t'ai chi, taiji or tai chi in English usage, T'ai chi ch'uan or taijiquan is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits.
Kyrgyz wushu fighters performed at the 1st World Taijiquan Championships in Chengdu, China on November 1-5, the Wushu Federation of Kyrgyzstan reports.