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A Chinese astronaut.

[Mandarin táikōng, outer space (tái, big, from Middle Chinese thaj´; see tai chi + kōng, empty, the sky, from Middle Chinese khəwŋ) + -naut.]


(Astronautics) an astronaut from the People's Republic of China
[C20: from Cantonese taikon(g) cosmos + -naut]
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After sending the country's first taikonaut Yang Liwei into space in 2003, China has been focusing on developing advanced spaceflight techniques and technologies to assemble and operate a permanent manned space station.
Yesterday, I read that China's space program has already launched the first taikonaut into Low Earth Orbit, and, somehow, I expected myself not to reconsider love when I heard the word taikonaut, to know that I exist in the same universe as taikonaut, in the same general vicinity when seen from, say, Jupiter's carousel of moons and comets.
Shenzhou V carried Yang Liwei, the first Chinese astronaut, or taikonaut, into orbit in 2004.
SZ 2006; Auch der kleine Junge Raz mochte um jeden Preis der Welt Psychonaut werden und meldet sich freiwillig zum Training bei Morceau "Morry" Oleander, einem Coach mit den Alluren eines zackigen Generals SZ 2006; Im wortlichen und im ubertragenen Sinn, denn der Erpresser "Juggernaut" (was soviel wie "Moloch" bedeutet), hat sieben Zeitbomben an Bord plaziert Fra 2005; Der erste Taikonaut Yang Liwei, heute ein Volksheld, verbrachte die 21 Stunden seines Fluges im Raumanzug, sitzend in seiner Kapsel Sp 2005; Am Wochenende finden auf dem Minidrom Koditz die Wertungslaufe zur Deutschen Meisterschaft der Formel 1 der Grossmodelle statt Frp 2005; Tempodrom W 2005; Mehr als 6000 Tanzerinnen und Tanzer prasentieren ihre Korper und Kostume vom 25.
The People's Liberation Army taikonaut used handholds to maneuver along the exterior of the Shenzhou VII spacecraft during China's first extravehicular activity in space.
If the mission is successful it paves the way for a Chinese space station and lends weight to talk of putting a taikonaut on the Moon by 2020.
According to Zhang, the country is selecting a new batch of taikonauts, which may include the country's first female taikonaut.
Perched atop a Long March (CZ-2F) launcher, the Shenzhou V spacecraft took China's first taikonaut on a trip thoroughly rehearsed during four unmanned precursor missions.
Then a bit of cool taikonaut bravado: "See you tomorrow.
Per the Beijing Morning Post, they have a three-step plan: a taikonaut in space, establishment of a space laboratory, and eventually setting up a space station.
Liwei was his country's first taikonaut when he piloted China's first manned rocket into space, but why isn't he as well known as the first Russian and American in space?