n.1.Water in a tailrace.
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The Design & Simulation Tool for Dredge Settling Ponds & Reclamations will transform the way that engineers and regulators assess tail-water discharge characteristics, pond evolution, and overall capacity, further strengthening BMT s technical excellence in the areas of dredging, reclamation, and environmental management.
The increase in irrigation efficiency (the ratio of irrigation water available for a crop to the amount applied) would be accomplished via on-farm water conservation measures such as reservoirs, tail-water recovery systems, and underground irrigation pipelines.
This relegated the Old Cross Cut Canal to a backup system for use during repair or maintenance on the newer canal, and for carrying storm drainage and irrigation tail-water that eater it from the west and east via spillways and through storm drain out-falls.
Cooler tail-water fisheries, on the other hand, have proved surprisingly productive.