Taiwan dollar

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Noun1.Taiwan dollar - the basic unit of money in Taiwan
dollar - the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents
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He said, 'The central bank is now observing experiments conducted in other regions and doing experimentation, but we can't go as far as announcing we plan to issue digital New Taiwan dollar yet.
They receive one point for each Taiwan dollar spent on fares, with 100 points translating to a deduction of NT$1 (US$0.
87 percent against the dollar, while the Thai baht, Taiwan dollar and Philippine peso also weakened.
Wang of the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) attributes the decreases mostly to the recent appreciation of New Taiwan dollar against U.
s Vehicles Operations Group, Toyota's dealer in Taiwan, stated that the price hike is to be applied in early 2011 and is likely to range from three percent to five percent due to an 11 percent appreciation of the Japanese currency against the New Taiwan dollar since March.
Besides direct flights, Chiang said he is working toward allowing convertibility between the Taiwan dollar and China's yuan to convenience an expected heavy flow of Chinese tourists to the island.
This then gets transmitted forward to the rest of the region through the Singapore dollar and the New Taiwan dollar.
Taiwan central bank deputy governor Shea Jia Dong has reiterated the bank's longstanding pledge to keep the Taiwan dollar stable at a time of growing tension with China.
How would residents in Taiwan feel about a New Taiwan Dollar banknote designed using popular snacks and beverages of the island?
The bank said that stabilising the Taiwan dollar is its responsibility, while it has respected the market mechanism for the local currency fluctuations.
With 2% appreciation of Taiwan Dollar in September, many life insurers suffered losses in profits.
Governor Perng Fai-nan said, 'The Taiwan dollar exchange rate is in principle determined by the market, but if irregular factors, such as short-term, big-volume fund flows and seasonal issues, cause the currency to overshoot and lead to disorder, the central bank will maintain order in the foreign-exchange market.

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