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n. Islam
The practice of declaring another Muslim to be a nonbeliever and thus an enemy of Islam.

[Arabic takfīr, accusation of being a nonbeliever, verbal noun of kaffara, to call (someone) a nonbeliever, from kāfir, nonbeliever; see giaour.]
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Ghulam Mohammad Sialvi, a member of the committee, said that the state had little knowledge of religion but still stopped the Ulema from giving fatwas regarding Takfeer (apostasy).
Thus, Islamic aspects of our constitution need to be highlighted and presented as counter argument to those who commit Takfeer in our State and justify violence in that pretext.
Al-Sheikh said the danger of takfeer is that it is detrimental not only to the community, but to Islam in general as it instills enmity and hatred.
Al-Samaani drew the attention to the fact that he would increasingly be sad to see bloodshed and mosques demolished by groups and organizations who adopt Takfeer (expiation) as a methodology and crime-committing as a daily-behavior, a flagrant breach of the teachings of Islam which prevents harming not only humans but also animals.
The same are being added here for the government consumption; Firstly, Interviews of people who have reverted from the path of TTP and its false jihad in Pakistan should be aired, to clarify the fitnah of Takfeer and its after effects - showing that those claiming to be "mujahideen" are really "mukhdi'een".
He pointed to some radical religious ideas which drive youths to violence and Takfeer (excommunication), saying that those ideas are alien to the Sudanese society.
Islam, and all monotheistic faiths, are based on mercy But the religious discourse that dominates today, as a result of its loudness, is hostage to Fatwas of takfeer, zealotry and closed-mindedness on the one hand, and to calls for radicalism, hatred, and sectarian strife (fitna) on the other.
Maulana Ammar Khan Nasir, Vice Principal Al-Sharia Academy, Gujranwala informed the meeting that some other institutions were keen on expanding the debate on Takfeer and Khurooj, initiated by the PIPS last year.
They include Abdullah Al Rushoud, a Wahhabi religious professor who previously used to lecture at one of the kingdom's religious universities and who used to promote the takfeer ideology (accusing non-Wahhabi Muslims of being infidels).
Due to Fitna Takfeer, the character of Muslims has been damaged badly and sectarian massacre has grown," Hafiz Saeed said.
We opposed the Takfeer Wa Al-Hijra [an extremist religious group] because they swerved from the authentic beliefs because they adopted changing the wrong by force .