Taklamakan Desert

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Noun1.Taklamakan Desert - a desert in western China
Cathay, China, Communist China, mainland China, People's Republic of China, PRC, Red China - a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia; the most populous country in the world
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In her latest exhibition in Dubai, Living Shrines, she is presenting a series of photographs of Sufi shrines in the Taklamakan desert in China, built by Uighur Muslim pilgrims.
By bringing the viewer into Taklamakan Desert, she emphasized on how this place's spiritual element conveys the power of faith.
The team will explore and travel along the Taklamakan Desert, Tian Shan mountains, Hindu Kush, Karakorum and Himalaya ranges into the less written Southern arm of the trade route to South Asia where it terminates at Multan in Pakistan before branching out.
Donhuang in northwestern China was at its peak a bustling junction of the Silk Road, with two major branches going westwards, circumventing the Taklamakan desert around its southern and northern peripheries.
The mostly ethnic Muslim Uighur area of Pishan is at the southern edge of the Taklamakan desert near the border with India, and is rich in mineral resources including coal, crude oil, natural gas and jade.
Remoted area of the Taklamakan desert at a depth of 10 kilometres has been named as the epicentre of the earthquake.
It also shows how using black light and intricate exploitation of digital photography can reveal pictorial complexity that is barely perceptible to the naked eye on the walls of the catacombs of Kom el-Shouqafa in Egypt, the mummies of the Taklamakan Desert in China and an Etruscan sarcophagus.
It is in the Taklamakan Desert that Baumer made his own spectacular finds, notably the discovery of the only stone inscription in the Central Asian Gandhari language.
The violence took place in Shache county, or Yarkand in the Uighur language, near the edge of the Taklamakan desert in the west of the vast region.
Writings on wood and cloth in an Indian script describe immigrants from Gandhara who settled in Niya, a lost city in the middle of the Taklamakan desert.
The modern discovery of the Silk Road began in 1895 when the Swedish explorer Sven Hedin launched his first expedition into the Taklamakan Desert in search of the source of the Khotan River.
Four other kidnappers were wounded and arrested in the rescue mission launched to free two people kidnapped in Pishan, an oasis county near the Taklamakan Desert, about 11 p.