Tales book

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a book containing the names of such as are admitted of the tales.

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Written by the owner of two trained and certified service poodles, The Poodle Tales Book Ten: The Full Service Poodle is a rhyming children's picturebook about a young, black-and-white-furred poodle studying how to be a skilled service dog.
Like his other books, Jack came up with the idea of compiling this urban tales book while in the pub - which is possibly where many urban tales begin their lives.
The Arriva Bus Tales book looks great and we hope bus users and enthusiasts in Newcastle will want to get hold of their own copy.
So we had a rethink and then actually produced a final draft version of the Fairy Tales book ( and we had several publishers interested.
Not so, if you read Simon Wright's insider kitchen tales book.
Emerald Vet Group near Tumble are also fantastic,' says Lesley, who has included the group in the Trallwm Farm Tales book which tells the whole story.
Tall Tales Books in Victoria, BC was the scene of a Bon Voyage Book Week launch party for four Vancouver Island authors touring across the country: Julie Lawson, Robin Stevenson, Penny Draper and Michelle Mulder.
Children's publisher Puffin, an imprint of Penguin, said today that up to 20,000 of its Tinga Tinga Tales books will be donated to a specially-created Tinga Tinga Tales Teacher Training Programme in Kenya and Tanzania, developed by Pearson Africa and the Pearson Foundation.
In addition, two more Kampp Tales books are currently underway--a 64-page chapter book about duck hunting, and a 32-page picture book on wild turkeys.
Even without broadcast exposure, the vids have done so well that Big Idea now sells Veggie Tales books, music and other items.
The admiration is mutual, as Fielding has acknowledged her literary debt to Maupin's Tales books and to his central characters, straitlaced Midwesterner Mary Ann and her gay San Francisco neighbor, Michael "Mouse" Tolliver.