Talking to people

Talking to people   
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She even saw how he was dressed; how he walked down one street, and turned the corner of another; saw him bending over his desk, talking to people who entered the office, going to his lunch, and perhaps watching for her on the street.
You are beginning to find more pleasure," he said, "in talking to people.
They were talking to people outside the War Memorial at St Nicholas's Church in Church Street.
New Delhi, March 11 ( ANI ): Shailene Woodley has revealed that she doesn't own a cell phone, as she prefers talking to people face-to-face.
Regulation and compliance makes talking to people on the internet difficult and social media is about talking to people on the internet, just with a nice brand name.
Aside from the privacy issues, it also remains to be seen how well Kinect can differentiate between you talking to people who are physically around you, talking to people you're gaming with via Kinect, and you barking out commands to Kinect.
He stated this while talking to people during visit to industrial and residential areas of Landhi and Korangi on Sunday.
1 : not feeling comfortable meeting and talking to people <a shy awkward boy>
Loved the people in particular in Finland and I spent a lot of time talking to people and they were excellent.
Armstrong: My feeling from talking to people who are gay up here is that it's a process, even if you know that your boss is supportive of gay equality.
Court of Appeals, began talking to people who'd lived in Detroit or had friends there.

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