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also Tal·lin  (tăl′ĭn, tä′lĭn)
The capital and largest city of Estonia, in the northwest part on the Gulf of Finland opposite Helsinki, Finland. A major port, Tallinn was a possession of the Livonian Knights (1346-1561) and Sweden (1561-1710) before being formally ceded to Russia (1721). It was the capital of independent Estonia (1919-1940) and of the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic (1940-1991).
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Noun1.Tallin - a port city on the Gulf of Finland that is the capital and largest city of EstoniaTallin - a port city on the Gulf of Finland that is the capital and largest city of Estonia
Esthonia, Estonia, Republic of Estonia - a republic in northeastern Europe on the Baltic Sea
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Flag-waving Estonians watched the parade in capital Tallin, with about 11,000 soldiers and hundreds of vehicles from both the domestic army and other Nato countries taking part in a show of strength.
Both teams will bag [euro]440,000 if they reach the next round after City beat Levadia Tallin 2-0 in Estonia and Rovers won 1-0 in Iceland against Stjarnan.
Contract notice: Property Maintenance at the Embassy of Sweden in Tallin, Estonia.
Celtic will face Lincoln Red Imps after the Gibraltar side surprised Estonians Flora Tallin.
The national team arrived in the capital city Tallin on Tuesday (Manila) time after a long trip that included a five-hour layover in Instabul, Turkey.
Fixtures for GB, all at the Tallin Arena, are: Sunday, December 7 v Holland, Monday 8 v Lithuania, Wednesday 10 v Romania, Friday 12 v South Korea, Saturday 13 v Estonia.
While speaking at the Tallin University in Estonia on a tour of several Baltic states before joining a second week of climate talks in Poland, Ban added that the super tycoon should also serve as a warning to mankind.
Representatives from the scheme received their award at a gala ceremony in Tallin, Estonia.
BALTIC P&O CRUISES (0843 373 0111) offers a 16-night cruise on Adonia (D311) from PS999 (Getaway Fare) ex-Southampton August 9 to Copenhagen, Saaremaa Island, Tallin, St Petersburg (overnight in port), Stockholm, Visby, Kalmar, Sassnitz and Kiel canal.
Within the frames of the people's diplomacy mission, more than 500 people from Tallin, Odessa, Europe and Russia
Tallin Airport Ltd currently operates seven airports in Estonia.
The former Celtic defender will never forget the infamous no-show by the Estonian team in Tallin in October 1996 - because it wrecked his first start for Scotland.