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also tam·a·rau  (tăm′ə-rou′)
n. pl. tam·a·raws also tam·a·raus
A small, stocky, short-horned buffalo (Bubalus mindorensis) of the island of Mindoro in the Philippines.

[Tagalog tamaráw.]
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The month of October every year is a special month celebration for the conservation and protection of Tamaraw in the two provinces of Mindoro.
But as it was all season long, the Tigers showed great character and resolve, responding with an 18-2 blitz with 4:25 left to take a 59-53 lead behind Ed Daquioag and former FEU Baby Tamaraw Marvin Lee who combined for 12 points in that stretch.
They're too kind to their opponents, so I hope that the they can unleash the Tamaraw spirit,' said Pascua.
The tamaraw, famed for its distinct v-shaped horns, can be found only in the mountains of Mindoro, a farming island in the central Philippines.
For years, the communities around the Tamaraw Gene Pool Farm, composed mostly of the Tau-Buid and Buhid indigenous groups, in Occidental Mindoro used a rickety cable footbridge to cross the river, with only wire mesh protecting the sides of the bridge.
Basas had a hand in forcing Jhoana Maraguinot to hit net that cut the deficit to 6-5 then the fourth year Lady Tamaraw tied the set at 7-7.
Racela even apologized to Trinidad for the way he bounced around the lineup, but the graduating Tamaraw was just happy Racela trusted him in every sense of the word.
For Tolentino, who was the Rookie of the Year in 2014, his time as a Blue Eagle was far behind him and that he's now a full-fledged Tamaraw.
Parker led the Tamaraw charge against UE on Sunday with a season-high18 points and eight assists as his family saw him play at the historic Smart Araneta Coliseum for the first time.
The Lady Tamaraws, who took the third spot with a 6-3 record, sent the Golden Tigresses to their fifth straight loss and a 2-7 record.
Both wins enabled the two Tamaraws squads to gain early confidence as they look to improve from their Final Four appearances last season.
Jermi Darapan and Kieth Absalon also found the back of the net for the Baby Tamaraws, who moved up to 13 points.