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 (tăm-bo͝or′ĭt-sə, tăm′bə-rĭt′sə)
A Balkan stringed instrument similar to a mandolin in shape and sound.

[Serbo-Croatian tamburica, diminutive of tambura, stringed instrument, from Ottoman Turkish ṭambūra, from Persian ṭanbūra; see tamboura.]
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He co-operated with the Czech societies Slavoj and Komensky, in March t9 to he was appointed conductor of the tamburica ensemble Cechie, and he occasionally conducted his father's orchestra during theatre performances given by Vlastenecka omladina and Slavoj.
He also conducted the first purely Czech-Viennese tamburica ensemble.
In 1904 a dispute broke out among the tamburica players of the Tovacovsky ensemble, which resulted in the departure of several members (including Robert Volanek, Jr.
He directed the music section at the Sokol cinema for twelve years and headed the tamburica ensemble in Podebrady.
The importance of the tamburica in this identity construction led to the eventual choice of "Leina," a neo-tamburica song, as independent Croatia's first Eurovision entry, in 1993.
Hrvatska tamburica (1936-43) concentrated its critical views on popular and traditional tamburica music.
14 of The New Grove is probably the most comprehensive register of music periodicals ever published, no fewer than ten of the periodicals considered here are missing from the list on page 505: Jugoslavenski muzicar, Nasa muzika, Muzicki informator, Muzika i knjiga, Sklad, Grlica, Proljece, Hrvatska tamburica, Svijet jazza and Ritam.