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n.1.See Tambourine.
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The long vest representing the Visayas had appliqued fish patterns, mother-of-pearl crescents and black corals, while the Mindanao jacket was adorned with gilt tamburin and mini gongs.
Tamburin, "Decision and dopaminergic system: an ERPs study of Iowa gambling task in Parkinson's disease," Frontiers in Psychology, vol.
A former bodega is filled with 19th century ilustrado wear: silver-tipped salakAaAaAeA t and smart walking stick dozens of silver key holders; barAaAaAeA ng and baro't saya; tortoise she combs, gold tamburin and fans; and olden times miniatures.
Patients with neuropathic pain generally require more drugs and report less-effective pain management than patients with nociceptive pain (Marginelli, Zanette, & Tamburin, 2013).
Rather amazingly, this last quotation was very recently endorsed by Gray J of the Supreme Court of South Australia in Re Tamburin (2014) 119 SASR 143, 146 [9].
The Rothberg, Tamburin, and Winson Model for Corrosion Control and Process Chemistry (AWWA) computer model was used to predict CCPP at pH of 8.
29-37 [Rameau, selections from Pieces de clavessin (1724)] 29 Musette en rondeau Tamburin 30-31 L'entretien des Muses 31 La joyeuse 32 Les tendres plaintes 32-3 Les tourbillons 33 Le lardon 34-5 Les Cyclopes 36-7 Les niais de Sologne With the second double only, here labelled Variations 38-53 [Rameau, selections from Nouvelles suites de pieces de clavecin (c.
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The indio Francisco Suarez drew vignettes for the Murillo-Velarde map (1734) depicting action-packed rural life--farmers plowing, chopping bamboo, bringing produce to market, pounding palay; trapping a large bat; cockfighting; a python hooking a pig; and city scenes with expats (bewigged Spaniard shaded by an umbrella man, cafres (Africans) celebrating, Chinese trading, hookah-ing Armenians)--and with locals (elegant mestiza in voluminous saya and narrow-sleeved baro, adorned with tamburin and peineta; guava and water vendors; kumintang dancers).
Kindaichi Case Files and the online games "Finding Neverland Online" and "Harezora Monogatari", and Loverin Tamburin the band behind the opening theme for the anime Disgaea and the ending theme for Natsuhiro Drops.
For the first time in so many years, I saw my cousins proudly wearing again their antique gold tamburin, and peinetas adorning their well-coiffed hair.