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Taos 1

 (tous, tä′ōs)
n. pl. Taos
1. A member of a Pueblo people located north-northeast of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
2. The Kiowa-Tanoan language of the Taos people.

Taos 2

 (tous, tä′ōs)
1. A town of northern New Mexico north-northeast of Santa Fe in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It developed as an art colony after 1898 and has attracted many artists and writers, including Ansel Adams and D.H. Lawrence.
2. A pueblo of northern New Mexico northeast of the town of Taos.



a town in N New Mexico: resort. 3369.
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Noun1.Taos - a member of the Pueblo people living in northern New MexicoTaos - a member of the Pueblo people living in northern New Mexico
Pueblo - a member of any of about two dozen Native American peoples called `Pueblos' by the Spanish because they live in pueblos (villages built of adobe and rock)
2.Taos - an artist colony in northern New Mexico
Land of Enchantment, New Mexico, NM - a state in southwestern United States on the Mexican border
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His return to the place of tragedy, and on to the capital where the deserted palace awaits him with its memories, his endless seeking for the soul of his beloved, her discovery by the priest of Tao in that island of P`eng Lai where --
North of town, Taos Ski Valley draws nature lovers with hiking and equestrian trails.
The Taos Valley, the mountains, and the Rio Grande create a kind of energy vortex that has drawn expressive types to it for many years.
The total value of the TAOS shares acquired by austriamicrosystems in the transaction was approximately USD320m.
Meanwhile, local resident Julia Roberts stops in at Taos Tin Works on Paseo del Pueblo Norte to pick out hand-tooled metal wall mirrors, not a paparazzo in sight.
Duane Lefthand should know, for Taos Pueblo exemplifies 800 years of sustainable living that ended a century ago when the Forest Service completely suppressed fire to ecosystems where fire had been a frequent visitor.
Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico, and its Ernie Blake Ski School, is continually ranked the best in the country by ski magazines.
When we came to know their biased attitudes and perspectives toward women in the community and women's issues in general, we were totally discouraged to bring up the issues for consultation with TAOs.
According to Jillana, it is easier for her students to focus in Taos, miles from the dance meccas of New York and California.
Taos Ski Valley received only a "cautious recommendation" that year with a mediocre "C" grade, gaining points for limiting development, but losing them for intense snowmaking and a failure to provide mass transit.
With these extended features, SIRSI expects that Unicorn will be well-equipped to satisfy the requirements of libraries that had planned to implement Taos.