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n.1.In China, an official at the head of the civil and military affairs of a circuit, which consists of two or more fu, or territorial departments; - called also, by foreigners, intendant of circuit. Foreign consuls and commissioners associated with taotais as superintendants of trade at the treaty ports are ranked with the taotai.
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We could get rid of them and their money afterwards by delivering them to their Mandarin or Taotai, or whatever they call these chaps in goggles you see being carried about in sedan-chairs through their stinking streets.
As is known, on November 29, 1845, George Balfour, an English consulate representing the English government, and Kung Moo-yun, Taotai of Shanghai (the Circuit Intendant), representing the late Qing government, signed The Shanghai Land Regulations, which initiated the history of the International Settlement.
The British consul's immediate request for the capture and punishment of the offenders was deterred by Shanghai Taotai, who was reluctant to cooperate.
com, 2012), who was the host of Tonight Who Is Winner (jinwan taotai shui), Tudou was very often dissatisfied with the participants who were little known to the audience in the Mainland.