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n.1.An obstruction, or indigestible mass, found in the intestine of bears and other animals during hibernation.
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The threats to accurate and valid data include selection bias, history, maturation, testing, attrition, the Hawthorne effect, and novelty or researcher effects (Fawcett & Garity, 2017; Tappen, 2017).
In the United States, researchers have applied his model to depression in African American women (Waite & Killian, 2009), depression in older Hispanics (Sadule-Rios, Tappen, Williams, & Rosselli, 2014), and postpartum depression in nonrural women (Ugarriza, 2002).
Both books were published by Tappen and Dennet, the only book of Hawthorne's that firm published.
Whitehead, Weiss and Tappen (2007) offer that being an effective follower is as important to the new nurse as is being an effective leader.
Lisa Dahl won the Community Artist Award for the Historic Tappen Park Community Partnership's Illuminate Stapleton initiative, and completed a public art commission at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal.
He cited the $4 billion Tappen Zee Bridge project over the Hudson River in New York as one that features a design-build partner working with a separate financing partner and multiple financing agencies.
Private Passenger Nonstandard Auto Market Feeling the Squeeze: Senior Financial Analyst Kenneth Tappen says smaller U.
Similarly, a recent paper in the journal Management Science by Brennan Platt, Joseph Price, and Henry Tappen claims:
Some methods of alternative analysis were developed, like switching and clustering analyses (Rosselli, Tappen, Williams, Salvatierra, & Zoller, 2009), interpretation of the prototypicality of words (Beausoleil et al.
The team from DLA Piper under the management of partner Dr Christoph Papenheim (Corporate, Frankfurt) included partners Martin Heinsius (Tax, Frankfurt), Dr Jan Dreyer (Antitrust, Cologne), counsels Sven-Oliver Friedrich (Corporate, Frankfurt), Prof Dr Fabian Hinrichs (Real Estate, Frankfurt) and Prof Dr Falko Tappen (Tax, Frankfurt) as well as associates Andreas Weiss, Lin Liu and Kristin Vogt (all Corporate, Frankfurt).
I think a lot of kids and parents really want a system where when kids graduate, they're ready, and don't have to participate in another course," says Mary Jane Tappen, a deputy chancellor of the Florida Department of Education.