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 (tär′ən-tō′, tə-rän′tō, tä′rän-tō′)
A city of southeast Italy east-southeast of Naples on the Gulf of Taranto, an arm of the Ionian Sea. Founded by Greeks from Sparta in the eighth century bc, it was known as Tarentum in Roman times. Ruled by varied powers over the centuries, it became part of Italy in 1861.


(təˈræntəʊ; Italian ˈtaːranto)
(Placename) a port in SE Italy, in Apulia on the Gulf of Taranto (an inlet of the Ionian Sea): the chief city of Magna Graecia; taken by the Romans in 272 bc. Pop: 202 033 (2001). Latin name: Tarentum


(ˈtɑr ənˌtoʊ, ˈtær-, təˈræn toʊ)

1. Ancient, Tarentum. a seaport in SE Italy: founded by the Greeks in the 8th century B.C. 244,249.
2. Gulf of, an arm of the Ionian Sea, in S Italy.
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During the five-month deployment, the two Border Force vessels were stationed at Catania, Sicily and Taranto, Italy.
He was born on February 18, 1961 in Taranto, Italy and obtained a B.
The group will afterwards move to Mombasa, Kenya, Antsiranana, Madagascar, Maputo, Mozambique, Durban, South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa, Luanda, Angola, Pointe Noire, Congo, Lagos, Nigeria, Tema, Ghana, Dakar, Senegal, Casablanca, Morocco, Algiers, Algeria and Taranto, Italy.
THE Liverpool Mushin Kai Kickboxing Club came of age at the World Kickboxing Championships in Taranto, Italy - by earning 21 medals.
In September, as Allied forces were invading Salerno and Taranto, Italy signed an armistice, and later declared war on Germany.
April 27 [ETH] London's Heathrow Airport May 1 [ETH] Oslo, Norway May 4 [ETH] Taranto, Italy May 7 [ETH] Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport - Washington, DC May 11 [ETH] Dallas, Texas May 14 [ETH] St.
In October 2003, Italian inspectors of a German ship moored in Taranto, Italy, uncovered a stash of centrifuges bound for Libya.
Zebrawood makes for a fabulous instrument," said Renato Bellucci, a guitarist who started playing guitar at age eight in Taranto, Italy.
NAMSA has additional logistics operations outside Luxembourg that include its Southern Operational Centre in Taranto, Italy, the HAWK Logistics Management Office located near Paris, France, and an in-place logistics support office at the Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan.
Bagger shot 5-over-par 77 to tie for ninth place after four rounds in qualifying school at the Riva dei Tessali golf club in Taranto, Italy.
Bridesmaids were Amanda and Danielle Kraker, sisters of the groom; Loraine Walker and Lou McGee of Macon; Alissa Hinton of Utica; Katie Smitherman of Starkville; and Cinzia Marzo of Taranto, Italy.