n.1.See Tarantula.
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Calendula: You can employ if the wound does not close well or if there is ongoing exudate, may lead to infection, suppuration; rule out other remedies such as Ledum, Pyrogen, Staphysagria, Tarentula cubensis.
After six months of being given Tarentula in LMs he was no longer considered 'failure to thrive.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Phosphoric Sabal serrulata Sabina, Senega, Sarsaparilla , Secale cornutum, Selenium, Senecio aureus, Sepia, Silicea,Staphysagria,Sticta pulmonaria, Stramonium,Sabadilla,Sulphur,Sulphuric acid, Syphilinum, Syzygium jambolanum, Tabacum, Tarentula cubensis,
Fernandez et al (2001) encontraron que Lycosa tarentula fasciiventris (L.
2002) provide a different list of prey (absence of ants) for Lycosa tarentula, another burrowing wolf spider.
Tarentula aculeata L&F; DR67; transf to Alopecosa
Now,faced with the same symptoms,I would certainly turn to homeopathy, trying Tarentula for restlessness or Arsenicum for feelings of insecurity.
Tarentula is what to take when jerky movements are the more noticeable problem.
Examples of common animal medicines in homeopathy are Lachesis (bushmaster snake), Tarentula (tarantula), and Lac caninum (dog's milk).
Note that there is some dispute about the correct name for this remedy-it can be found as Tarentula hispania, Tarentula hispanica or the one used here, which is the most likely to be correct and is taken from the German Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of 2008.
nitida Mello-Leitao 1944 is considered a junior synonym of Tarentula guaquiensis Strand 1908, from Bolivia.