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 (tär′go͝om′, -go͞om′)
Any of several Aramaic explanatory translations or paraphrasings of the Hebrew Scriptures.

[Mishnaic Hebrew targûm, translation, interpretation, Targum, from Aramaic targəmā, back-formation from targəmānā, interpreter; see dragoman.]


(ˈtɑːɡəm; Hebrew tarˈɡum)
(Bible) an Aramaic translation, usually in the form of an expanded paraphrase, of various books or sections of the Old Testament
[C16: from Aramaic: interpretation]
Targumic, Tarˈgumical adj
ˈTargumist n


(ˈtɑr gʊm; Heb. tɑrˈgum)

n., pl. Tar•gums, Heb. Tar•gu•mim (tɑr guˈmim)
a translation or paraphrase in Aramaic of a book or division of the Old Testament.
[< Aramaic targūm literally, paraphrase, interpretation]
Tar•gum′ic, adj.
Tar′gum•ist, n.
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The Aramaic verbal root [square root of (term)]prns 'to distibute, supply' is first attested in the Middle Aramaic period (Palmyrene Aramaic and Targum Jonathan).
In this week's Daf Yomi reading, in chapter 7 of Tractate Sota, there was a brief reference to the targum, the synagogue official who used to translate the Torah reading sentence by sentence from Hebrew into Aramaic.
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