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 (tăs′ō, tä′sō), Torquato 1544-1595.
Italian poet who wrote the epic Jerusalem Delivered (1581), an account of the capture of the city during the First Crusade.


(Italian ˈtasso)
(Biography) Torquato (torˈkwaːto). 1544–95, Italian poet, noted for his pastoral idyll Aminta (1573) and for Jerusalem Delivered (1581), dealing with the First Crusade


(ˈtæs oʊ, ˈtɑ soʊ)

Torquato, 1544–95, Italian poet.
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Noun1.Tasso - Italian poet who wrote an epic poem about the capture of Jerusalem during the First Crusade (1544-1595)Tasso - Italian poet who wrote an epic poem about the capture of Jerusalem during the First Crusade (1544-1595)
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Goethe's Tasso is very likely to be a pretty fair historical portrait, and that is true tragedy.
and he then related to Raoul the story of the bastion, and Raoul fancied he was listening to one of those deeds of arms belonging to days of chivalry, so gloriously recounted by Tasso and Ariosto.
One thinks of Dante at the bitter feast in Verona, of Tasso in Ferrara's madman's cell.
cases with the product labeled TASSO CAJUN SPICY HAM READY TO EAT.
Calvino ha spesso dichiarato il suo amore per l'Ariosto, mentre piAaAa inaspettato si presenta l'interesse di Giuliani, poeta tra "I Novissimi", per il Tasso.
6) Crucially, I am not claiming that Longinus directly influenced Tasso or Sidney or that we can identify direct textual connections between them--neither poet-theorist ever quotes or mentions Longinus--but, rather, that we may identify the diffusion of Longinian thought in literary theory in different ways and in different places.
Indicativo dell'atteggiamento ambivalente del Tasso e la decisione di ritardare l'invio dei canti a Sperone Speroni, in modo da poter poi ignorare eventuali commenti e critiche proprio a causa del poco tempo a disposizione.
Halwani collaborated with graffiti artist Tasso to create a work that mingles Halwani's style with Tasso's photorealism.
With Kuwait's aid, we will also be able to restore the severely-damaged Sanriku Railway's railroads and a train station, and purchase new trains," Tasso said, adding that a memorial will be built at the railway station to mark the Kuwaiti contribution to its rebuilding.
Its promising overarching title and its several merits aside, Schneider's book constitutes, in fact, another study of the seminal authors Tasso and Guarini.
In the first part of his Vita di Torquato Tasso (1621) Manso relates how Tasso was betrayed by an unnamed close friend, whom the enraged poet then struck on the face at court in front of the duke.
Further refining the topic, she studies the way women are translated in the works of Boiardo, Ariosto and Tasso.