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n.1.(Mus.) A key or thing touched to produce a tone.
Tasto solo
single touch; - in old music, a direction denoting that the notes in the bass over or under which it is written should be performed alone, or with no other chords than unisons and octaves.
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Michael Tasto, Gregory Randolph and Patrick Cullen's research focuses on how to improve active learning.
Il brano che funziona da ouverture fa riferimento alla sparizione di Lila all'eta di sessantasei anni annunciata da reiterati propositi di cancellarsi in modo netto e definitivo come si fa col tasto del computer, un gesto familiare a lei che era diventata nel tempo una strega elettronica.
Anne-Marie Devine Tasto, senior director of media relations at the University of San Francisco, emphasized that its hosting of the forum was not an "automatic endorsement" of the views expressed.
Fade Away" brings back the first text--"Leave, O leave me to my sorrows;"--and the original melody, now doubled at the unison by the violin sul tasto.
Hersen (1973) e Tasto (1977) apresentam um levantamento dos estudos realizados com o FSS desde 1956, descrevendo as varias versoes, sua constituicao e as diversas analises fatoriais realizadas.
Cio non significa che il tasto sublime-eroico sia del tutto espunto dalle possibilita espressive del libro.
is bringing the wow factor of molecular gastronomy to American tables by adding Tasto Balsamic Pearls to its roster of imported Italian delicacies.
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The 2014 NAR envoy to the Philippines, Jennifer Flores Tasto shared to the local property professionals the IRM benefits and advantages of "going beyond boundaries.
Concerto for Horn Winds and Percussion; Capo Tasto Music 2007