Sitting Bull

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Sit·ting Bull

 (sĭt′ĭng) Originally Tatanka Iyotanka. 1834?-1890.
Hunkpapa leader who guided his people to victory against Gen. George A. Custer's cavalry at the Battle of the Little Bighorn (1876).

Sitting Bull

(Biography) Indian name Tatanka Yotanka. ?1831–90, American Indian chief of the Teton Dakota Sioux. Resisting White encroachment on his people's hunting grounds, he led the Sioux tribes against the US Army in the Sioux War (1876–77) in which Custer was killed. The hunger of the Sioux, whose food came from the diminishing buffalo, forced his surrender (1881). He was killed during renewed strife

Sit′ting Bull′

1834–90, Lakota Indian leader.
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Noun1.Sitting Bull - a chief of the SiouxSitting Bull - a chief of the Sioux; took up arms against settlers in the northern Great Plains and against United States Army troops; he was present at the Battle of Little Bighorn (1876) when the Sioux massacred General Custer's troops (1831-1890)
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A r y chwith, yr enwog Tatanka Iyotake (Sitting Bull).
They participated in the Wokiksuye (Bigfoot) and Tatanka Iyotake (Sitting Bull) Horseback Ride that retraced the steps of the Miniconju and the Hunkpapa massacred at Wounded Knee.
Mae'r llythyrau'n taflu goleuni ar brofiadau Cymro yn yr US Cavalry yn y 1870au - cyfnod Custer, Tatanka Iyotake (Sitting Bull) a Tasunka Witko (Crazy Horse), a brwydr enwog y Little Big Horn.