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A semiautonomous region of west-central Russia. The site of a powerful Bulgar state after the 8th century, the region was conquered by Mongols in the 13th century and by Moscow in 1552. The Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic was established in 1920, and in 1991 it declared its independence. Along with Chechnya, the republic was not a signatory to the 1992 treaty that created the Russian Federation, but it did join later, in 1994.
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The ambassador delivered a speech in the forum stressed on the Iraqi embassy to Federal Russia willing to open new prospects of economic cooperation between the governmental and private sector in Iraq and its counterparts in Tataristan which has an important economic place within Federal Russia.
Bu politika analizi kapsamda, ornegin Meskure Yilmaz'in sonradan kitaplastirilmis doktora tezinde ifade olundugu uzere, Turkiye'nin su devletler ve topluluklarla iliskileri incelenmektedir: Turk Cumhuriyetleri (Azerbaycan, Ozbekistan, Kazakistan, Turkmenistan, Kirgizistan), Rusya Federasyonu Icerisinde Yasayan Turkler (Altay, Baskurdistan, Cuvasistan, Dagistan, Gagauz, Hakas, Kabarday Balkar, Saka, Tataristan, Tuva, Karakalpak ozerk cumhuriyetleri), Kibris Turkleri (KKTC), Bati Trakya Turkleri, Bulgaristan Turkleri, Yugoslavya, Makedonya ve Romanya Turkleri, Irak Turkleri, Suriye Turkleri, Kirim Turkleri, Dogu Turkistan Turkleri ve Guney Turkistan Turkleri (Afganistan).
Participants from Chechnya, Dagestan and Tataristan will be taking part in the contest for the first time.
Head of Azerbaijan's Azertac News Agency Aslan Aslanov, who is currently assuming the term presidency of TKA, AA Executive Board Chairman and Director General Hilmi Bengi, Head of Board of Directors of the Kazakhstan News Agency-KAZINFORM Dauren Diyarov, Director of Turkish Cypriot News Agency Perihan Aziz, Deputy Director General of Tataristan News Agency Dinar Garipov and AA's Deputy Director General Tahsin Akti and other officials attended the meeting.
As well as Chechnya, Bashkortostan, Kabardino-Balkaria and Buryatia and others, Tataristan is included in the court order.
According to the sources at the Board of Investment (BoI), Daewoo and Hyundai of South Korea, Daihatsu of Japan and Oka of Tataristan are working out their plans to introduce their cars in a year's time.
The bank has also sanctioned a technical assistance grant for the preparation of non-oil export strategy for GCC member countries as well as grants from the WAQF Fund for different programs, which are aimed at Muslim Communities in non-member countries including Ukraine, India, Tataristan and United States.