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n.1.A bamboo frame or trellis hung at a door or window of a house, over which water is suffered to trickle, in order to moisten and cool the air as it enters.
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Control (LOC) in Tatta Pani Sector in the district of Mirpur division to express solidarity with the victims of unprovoked Indian firing.
The incident comes days after Pakistani troops destroyed another Indian army post that was 'targeting innocent citizens' in Tatta Pani (Hot Spring) sector of Kotli district.
RAWALPINDI -- Pakistan Army on Thursday killed five Indian soldiers along the Line of Control (LoC) in Tatta Pani sector, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement.
The Inter-Services Public Relations, the media affairs wing of Pakistan Army, said the Indian post was hit in Tatta Pani (Hot Spring) sector from where innocent citizens were being targeted.
Army official said that the Indian post near Tatta Pani Village was "destroyed" late Thursday after Indian troops hit a school van in Battal sector in Pakistan-administered Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday, killing its driver on the spot and traumatising students.
Also in Kotli district, Saima, 10, was injured in Junoobi Grid village of Tatta Pani sector and Nagina Aqsad, 36, was injured in Chattar village of Khuiratta sector, said a police official.
In our research, a catalase producing thermoduric alkalotolerant bacterial strain was isolated from the hot springs of Tatta Pani, Poonch, Azad Kashmir where microbial flora is less explored.
Tatta ket addan ti sub-contract job order mi nga agaramid iti school uniforms iti maysa nga pagadalan idiay Baguio (We have sub-contracted school uniforms of a school in Baguio), Lea?
According to media reports, the casualties occurred in Tatta Pani sector of southern Kotli district where shelling began after 5:45 am.
According to Pakistan military's Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), Indian unprovoked ceasefire violation at Tatta pani district along the Line of Control (LoC) was violently responded.
KOTLI -- At least three citizens on Thursday sustained severe wounds as Indian forces resorted to unprovoked firing in Battal, Jandrot and Tatta Pani sectors.
southwest] of Tatta in the mouth of an old channel of the Indus about 60 miles north of Karachi.