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n.1.A bamboo frame or trellis hung at a door or window of a house, over which water is suffered to trickle, in order to moisten and cool the air as it enters.
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The HESCO spokesman informed here on Tuesday that special recovery teams carried out massive operation in Qasimabad, citizen Colony, Hiraba, tatta, Qazi Ahmed, Sakrand, Daur, Tando Adam, Hala, Saeedabad, matiari, Sanghar, Makli, Badin and Tando Mohammad Khan and unearthed 5460 illegal connections.
Finalist: Salvatore Tatta of Whitestone, NY - Molten Chocolate Eggo Lava Cakes
And yet Martin Tatta somehow persuades his beloved Milonga to join him in acrobatic feats, from handstands to other poses that even the most understanding horses rarely display.
MIRPUR -- A teen-age civilian was martyred and five others, including two women were injured in Indian firing across LoC in Nakiyal and Tatta Pani sector of Kotli district.
The Pakistani authorities said that twenty-five civilians have been injured by the Indian shelling in Nakial and Tatta Pani sectors of Kotli district over the past 11 days.
Indian soldiers allegedly shot the civilian, identified as Kaka Sana, in Tatta Pani, on the Pakistani side of the India-Pakistan border, the Wall Street Journal reported.
D, where paper was being used in Gilgat and Kashmir and as a result the Libraries were established at Uch, Multan, Tatta and many other places of this region.
Now there you had a din, up and down dickering clackering with the thin and less thin sticks clutched convulsively in his red hands on the drum, all the while groaning hissing cursing through his teeth, those are after all the affectations and habits and things that will make a soldier of the soldier: tarn tatta tarn tatta tarn tam tarn (mothersfoldedear sis
TATTA OOS are no longer the social taboo they once were.
Die ringe rinkink om die litjies so skraal, Die gesig is al oud, verrimpel en vaal; Opeens bly hy staan en se sag vir die klong: "jy speel lekker, my tatta, he pappa sejong?