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 (tā′təm), Arthur Known as "Art." 1909?-1956.
American jazz pianist whose harmonic and rhythmic innovations influenced many other jazz musicians.


, Edward Lawrie 1909-1975.
American biochemist. He shared a 1958 Nobel Prize for demonstrating that each polypeptide is coded for by a specific gene.


1. (Biography) Art, full name Arthur Tatum. 1910–56, US jazz pianist
2. (Biography) Edward Lawrie. 1909–75, US biochemist, who showed how genes regulate biochemical processes in an organism and demonstrated that bacteria reproduce sexually; Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (1958) with Beadle and Lederberg


(ˈteɪ təm)

1. Art, 1910–56, U.S. jazz pianist.
2. Edward Lawrie, 1909–75, U.S. biochemist.
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Noun1.Tatum - United States biochemist who discovered how genes act by regulating definite chemical events (1909-1975)
2.Tatum - United States jazz pianist who was almost completely blindTatum - United States jazz pianist who was almost completely blind; his innovations influenced many other jazz musicians (1910-1956)
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