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n.1.(Astron.) Any of a group of meteors appearing November 20-23; - so called because they appear to radiate from a point in Taurus.
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The Taurid meteor shower will be visible from the evening of November 11 to the dawn of November 12," astronomer at QCH Dr Beshir Marzouk said.
Occasionally a Taurid fireball is long and dazzling enough for people to call the police to report a burning plane falling out of the sky.
In November, the Taurid shower brings only a handful of meteors per hour on the 4th and 5th, but the Leonids (at the rate of about 15 per hour) should be more rewarding.
Since asteroids of sizes of tens to hundreds of meters pose a threat to the ground even if they are intrinsically week, impact hazard increases significantly when the Earth encounters the Taurid new branch every few years," the scientists said in a press release.
November 11 - Taurid Meteor Shower Like last month's Orionid meteor shower, you'll be able to catch the peak of the Taurid Meteor Shower this Friday.
The Taurid meteors are active this month and are best seen in the first week of November before the Moon starts to dominate the night sky.
11, a brilliant Taurid meteor shower will take center stage during late night and the following morning.
That ball of fire was a large meteor, coming at the tail end of two major meteor showers -- the Taurid and the Leonid -- that occurred this month.
Because of the date of the impact, the object which caused Giordano Bruno is believed to be part of the Taurid meteor complex, which would imply an impact velocity of 28000 meters/sec and a density of 2.
The comet is the progenitor of the Taurid meteor complex and may be associated with several Apollo asteroids.
Northern Taurids--Kos Coronaios registered a single Taurid on the night of 11/12 November under LM=5.
In the mountain ranges of the far east of Europe, the Taurid mountains in Turkey and the Caucasus in the south of Russia, the marine invasion began already in the Permian, and the whole sequence is formed by marine carbonates.