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An Austronesian language spoken in the Sulu Archipelago.

[Tausug : ta'u, people + sūg, current.]
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The 62-year-old Imee, whose real name is Maria Imelda Josefa Marcos, was here for the wedding of President Rodrigo Duterte's police aide, Sofia Loren Deliu, to a member of a prominent Tausug clan.
Pakaradjaan is a Tausug and Yakan term for merry-making or special event.
The colloquium was participated by the Kagan, Tausug, Maranao, Iranun, Maguindanao, Mansaka, Dibabawon, Mandaya, Kalagan, and Ata-Manobo tribes who were the original settlers of Tagum.
Al Heen, formerly Ball is Life, defeated Tausug and clinched its second championship in the Rising Division of Pinoy Basketball of Qatar (Pibaq) Tournament held recently.
Rasul Alih II, an artist and a student, represented Ingat Kapandayan Artists Center that promotes Tausug arts and culture.
The Tausug sense of superiority and claims of proprietary rights over the sea are readily presented in the opening scene where Tausug men tell Hassan, the Badjao, that he does not have the right to be in that sea, then burn his boat.
Dominated by members from the Tausug, Yakan and Sama tribe, the Abu Sayyaf in Sulu has been engaged in high-profile kidnappings over the past two decades.
Its main targets appeared to be Muslim tribal groups belong to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, on Kurds in Turkey and Tausug in the Philippines.
Baloi Maranao Selection beat Hammadi Tausug Selection 79-65 in the battle for third place.
He said that the group made several demands including recognition of the Royal sultanate of Sulu army, and for the Tausug community that has been in Sabah for a long time to remain there.
This article is about the role coconut farming plays in violence among the Tausug of the southern Philippines.
John Pershing fought a bloody campaign against the local Tausug ethnic group.