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Chemical isomerism characterized by facile interconversion of isomeric forms in equilibrium, especially by migration of a hydrogen atom.

tau′to·mer (tô′tə-mər) n.
tau′to·mer′ic (tô′tə-mĕr′ĭk) adj.


(Elements & Compounds) either of the two forms of a chemical compound that exhibits tautomerism
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tautomerization reactions, Waddington reactions etc.
Moreno, Efficient Tautomerization Hydrazone-Azomethine Imine under Microwave Irradiation.
Regarding influences that involve sugar chemistry, oxygenated free radicals which resulted in early glycation stages have been proven to be contributors to glycoxidative damage: glycolaldehyde that results in the initial stages of nonenzymatic glycosylation is noncyclizable and may undergo tautomerization, yielding enediols that are easily subject to autooxidation.
Two of these molecules couple by C--O coupling, followed by tautomerization to create a dimer.
By tautomerization of precursors of the product 5 an imine intermediate was formed.
Zhou, Density functional theory study of formamide-formamidic acid tautomerization, Int.
Especially, isoG undergoes keto-enol tautomerization, depending on the solvent polarity, and the enolform of isoG mispairs with T (Fig.