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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: liability - the amount of tax owed; calculated by applying the tax rate to the tax base
liabilities - anything that is owed to someone else
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109, Accounting for Income Taxes, is the recognition of deferred tax liabilities for the estimated future tax liability of events recorded in a company's financial statements or tax returns (FAS 109, ~6; Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) ~740-10-10-1 (note that the Financial Accounting Standards have been codifed by FASB; FAS 109 has mostly been codified in ASC topic 740)).
Concerns about transfer pricing abuse have led researchers to compare the tax liabilities of foreign- and U.
552, and the regulations promulgated thereunder, asks for each document (exclusive of the filed income tax returns) contained in government administrative files relating to the tax liabilities of a practitioner's client for the tax years at issue.
Because so many of the dollar amounts used in calculating the AMT were not indexed for inflation until recently, and because more and more credits and allowances that lower regular tax liabilities have been added to the tax code, an increasing number of middle-income taxpayers are finding themselves liable for the AMT this year.
Calling the proposed interpretation FAS 109 unworkable, TEI recommended that the FASB abandon the exposure draft's asset recognition model in favor of retaining and affirming current accounting principles for contingent tax liabilities under FAS 5.
JAGUAR has tinkered with the diesel engine of its saloon and estate models to get their all-important company car tax liabilities lowered.
However, there are instances where self-insurance strategies might actually be harming companies--such as setting up of a reserve and accruing for tax liabilities when the company has taken an aggressive position in claiming certain tax deductions or tax credits, and is unsure its tax position will be upheld.
The purpose of the SAP is to provide a simple, fair and economical way for landlords and the city to resolve outstanding tax liabilities for providing these services to tenants before 1998.
Essentially, there are three ways to incur tax liabilities from mutual funds: capital gains distributions by the fund; dividend distributions by the fund; and capital gains arising from the sale or exchange of shares.
Widely held "C" corporations can use virtually an unlimited amount of tax credits to reduce federal income tax liabilities from all sources of income without exception, subject only to the general limitations on general business tax credits and the alternative minimum tax.
The tax liabilities range from $45 to $8,000, but the larger tax liabilities are suspected to be unlicensed businesses rather than individual consumers.
Although ISOs were intended to provide a tax benefit to employees, when the post-exercise price declines, optionees can find themselves subject to huge AMT tax liabilities attributable to sometimes worthless stock.